Friday 23 May 2014

AGM 2014

Another scout year comes by and another Annual General Meeting comes around. Quite alot to talk about this year in all sections (all the awards!). Well done Indi for winning Scout of the Year. All the sections did amazing this year and hopefully the scouts can keep up the winning everything streak!!

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Two Rings Hike

Well done everyone that took part on the Two Rings hike on Sunday. 10 - 12 miler so not much difficulty for some of the older ones. Roffey had 2 scout teams and 1 explorer team, every team finished! Hopefully we did well overall in points, only if time taken to complete counted!!

Saturday 16 November 2013

District Quiz

It's this time of year again when Scout troops from Horsham Weald take part in the annual District Quiz. Roffey entered 1 team, Owen, Heather, David and George, and one spare scout, India who then joined 1st St. Leonards. There was six rounds of 12 questions to do with Scouting, sport, geography, history, healthy eating and General Knowledge. We all thought we were going to do badly but then a stroke of luck came in the final results when we found out we beat 1st St. Leonards by 3 points. 

Once again Roffey has claimed the trophy. Well done team Roffey!!!

Wednesday 30 October 2013


As we do every year, the scouts celebrate Halloween with a games night. Calving pumpkins, apple bobbing, doughnut challenge and turning our hut into a reservoir. There was some interesting pumpkins made from one being sick to one with knives in its head.

More Gold Award Receivers

Once again 1st Roffey have created some Gold Award recipients. This time with three. George, India and Alice. Well done for achieving it.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Quiz Night

The scouts took part in a General Knowledge Quiz which had question from categories like knots to important people in scouting. Here are the results, the quiz was out of 55 questions:

1st Roffey Quiz Night TOP 10
Owen D45
India B43
Kirsty S41
Alice R40
Heather L 37
Maise F37
Myles E35
George P35
David R33
Ben S32

Downsman 2013

Great success from Scout and Explorers this year. Scouts walked 25 miles whilst the Explorers walked 45. Positions are as followed:


1st Place - S74 5 hours 59 minutes

4th Place - S73 6 hours 50 minutes


2nd Place - E38 11 hours 5 minutes

6th Place - E27 12 hours 44 minutes

Well done to S74 for winning class S in a very fast time. All times this year were really good. Hopefully we can win next year....and the year after......and the year after that.